About Us

Who we are?

Over 20 years experience in dry cleaning and wet cleaning, mycleaners.ca offers you a complete package of high class services, with a plethora of additional valued options available to the discerning client. Our state-of-the-art processes, fabric care expertise and environmentally-sound practices allow us to deliver all our promises, without compromising the quality our clients demand.
What we do?

Mycleaners.ca proudly offers you a door-to-door dry cleaning services with a reasonable price. You don’t need to carry your garment to a dry cleaning store and pick them up after they have been finished, especially the heavy ones, i.e. drapes, carpets… You just sit on your chair, move the mouse, make an order on line, we’ll pick them up and deliver them back to you. It’s even more convenience than your home laundry room.

How we work?

Mycleanrs.ca will give every our client free laundry bag with personal information tag, i.e. name, phone number, address… After you make an order, just put your garment and your order in your own laundry bag, we’ll pick them up the send them to BAYVIEW CUSTOM CARE CLEANERS directly. Your garment will be in processing there, (tagging, cleaning, steaming, ironing, bagging…) until we deliver them back to you. It will reduce the risk of missing your favorite garment.

Why Bayview Custom Care Cleaners?

As our defined cleaning plant, Bayview Custom Care Cleaners is one of the best dry cleaning plant in GTA. It locates in 5 Lesmill Rd. North York, Ontario which is the wealthiest area of Canada. It has over seven-thousand sq. ft business area. They have strong experience in handling with high quality garment. They’ll take more care about your garment under the supervising of our experts.